Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cute to Funny

Again - this is going to be short. I have a headache. I'm forever battling insomnia and I have to be at work at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
This weekend was my weekend with Lyla. She sleeps at my apartment and I always try and make it special for her somehow. This time, though, we just laid low. We spent a little while at the park before heading home, throwing some cookies in the oven and lying on the couch watching Tangled until we both fell asleep.
But she and I had a pretty cute conversation in the Publix parking lot.
Me: Mommy went on a plane. She'll be back on Monday. (Lyla's older brother is starting college in CT this week and Danielle went North to help him move in)
Lyla: Up in the sky and far, far away?
Me: Yeap.
Lyla: But I need her.
Me: Tyler needs her too though.
Lyla: (after a long pause) Ok, but just for a couple minutes.
Pretty friggan cute ... and I swear you could see the wheels turning in her head figuring all of this out.
So then as I'm lying on the couch just about to pass out, Lyla already sleeping, Danielle texted me. Just typical "how's my monster?" and "give her a kiss for me".
I told her about Lyla's and my conversation and Danielle responded with :"Oh, that is really cute. Maybe she does like me!" (Lyla is a big Daddy's girl. There's no doubt that she likes her mom, just right now she and pretty much the entire two and a half years of her life so far she's an extreme Daddy's girl)
Then I responded with: "This next line is completely sarcastic - take no offense - I like my mother 1,400 miles away too!"

And then my employer, ya know the mother of the kid I care for daily, called me a b*+ch... Is that okay? LOL Of course she was being sarcastic. Hysterical, priceless and cute - Hell of a story, no?
Hopefully I'll find some energy for a real post tomorrow - no guarantees!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Hits My Hometown

(won't let me post the video here - surprise!)
Irene was not kind to Brookfield / Danbury!  The dealership next to the Toyota dealership is owned by my friend's husband. They literally just finished recovering from the last flood in late winter/early spring... =(   But when Brookfield/Danbury floods it is always in the same spots... It's nothing no one wouldn't have expected - well, anyone who has lived in the town for twenty years wouldn't expect.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


My internet is being picky...
I'm tired...
But I'm in love with this quote and had to share!! 

* You may not be over it yet. But you can certainly still be above it. *

I can so relate to this right now =)  I makes my heart smile to have a way to explain exactly how I'm feeling! I'm most definitely in a better place these past two days than I was for the five days prior... Truly is the little things!
But Lyla is sleeping over tonight - and she wakes up earlier than the sun so I need to go to sleep now to be somewhat rested for the morning.

Good night

Friday, August 26, 2011

I’m Learning

I know I will forever be learning. I will never, in all my time, know everything. The beauty of that is that absolutely no one will ever know everything, so I don’t need to feel inadequate in result of my ignorance. And in all honesty, I would never want to know it all.  I don’t want to know what it’s like to lose a sister, parent, friend at a young age. I don’t want to know what it’s like to have a baby with someone who doesn’t want children. I don’t want to know what it’s would be like to go through life never having graduated high school.  I’m fine not knowing what it’s like to be an only child or adopted. Childhood cancer is something I’m grateful that I cannot explain firsthand.  I’m alright with “forever learning”. 

I’ve learned that calling Airport anything but Airport (actually Airport Pulling Road) screams tourist! Never for any reason at all is it anything but Airport! I guess, in all reality, Airport Pulling is only Airport, Goodlette Frank is only Goodlette, Vanderbilt Beach is only Vanderbilt, Livingston – well, that is only Livingston. Tamiami Trail is never said – it’s only 41!

I can tell you how to get to Naples Pier, without hesitation – taking the highway, 41 or “back roads” although I’m convinced real back roads simply do not exist in Florida.  Driving is much more fun up North! At the beach tonight, a couple came up to me and asked if Vanderbilt Beach was the one with the long boardwalk and the tram/golf cart that drives you to the beach… and get this, I knew the answer. “No, that’s not Vanderbilt.  If you go down 41 to Pine Ridge and take a right. It kind of looks like you’re going into a hotel parking lot, that’s the beach you’re looking for.”  Ha Ha! Snowbirds, I’m ready for ya!! I’m a local now!

Before I moved here, before I lived in a gated community, I thought gated communities were the bees knees, best thing since sliced bread.  Now that I live in one, I’d give anything to not live in one.  It has happened countless times in the four months that I have lived here, that our gates have not worked and we’ve been trapped in/out. It only lasts a couple of minutes till the office bypasses the lock and manually opens the gate but still obnoxious.  That’s not even mentioning that every time it rains they pretty much just leave the gates open to avoid said incidents… kind pointless then, huh?? Yeah, I think so to! My lease is up in November… I’m thinking it’s time to look around!

Connecticut creatures don’t hold a candle to Florida creatures… I’d take CT’s overabundance of moths, deer, junebugs (not to be confused with FL’s love bugs) and country mice over FL’s lizards, spiders, frogs, love bugs and one other kind of bug whose name will not make it onto my blog- EVER!  Seriously, Florida! More bugs than anything!!

I’m slowly starting to make friends, acquaintances at least. This past Monday I started a second job picking a 19 month old up from daycare by 5:30 (Monday thru Thursday) and keeping her until 8:00-8:30.  Her parents work at the gym that Lyla’s older sister takes gymnastics at so I’ve been bringing Jayden there and meeting more people through that. I’m definitely enjoying the interaction with humans again! I must say I was getting kind of rusty only seeing Lyla, her family and talking to my family and some friends on the phone. I needed some social stimulation!
*Speaking of which, I got a text from Paige today (Jayden’s mom) saying how grateful she was that I could bring Jayden back to the gym last night instead of them coming home. They got stuck in some late night drama with one of the girls and her mother.  I texted back something along the lines of “I know all too well things barely ever go as planned. No worries =)” to which she responded “I’m so happy to have you! Have a great weekend!”  It really is nice to be nice!!

If I make it to the beach for sunset – it never fails, there are never clouds, never brilliant colors. It’s always clear, blue skies, bright sun – nothing over the top spectacular. Don’t get me wrong! Every sunset is awe-inspiring and breathtaking, but I’ve witnessed a few sunsets that I only wish I could have seen from the beach.  I hit the beach around 3 today and stayed until sunset. I met some interesting people there too. No sooner had I walked on the beach and ‘set up camp’ this woman came up to me and offered her life story.  Weird? Slightly, yes.  But very interesting.  She proceeded to tell me her father died earlier this morning and that she needed to escape the reality of it for awhile and hit the beach for some silence.  She found a perfect conch shell and gave it to me (walking back a good distance to give it to me) wishing me a blessed day. Sweet woman.  Rest in peace, sweet woman’s father! (How terrible of me /us! We didn’t even introduce ourselves!) I also talked to some guys that were kite surfing. Holy intense water sport, batman!! Don’t know how I’d do with that one!! Very nice guys though!

Connecticut to me equals drama and chaos. Connecticut equals running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off for every other person besides myself.  I’m a mere footnote in everyone else’s happiness.  But all that drama, chaos and running around fills a lot of the time that I claim to be bored in Naples.  Perhaps your supposed to dedicate a good majority of your time to helping everyone else around you … but seriously, when I was in CT, the only time I had to myself was between midnight and six am.  I’m not cool with that! There has to be some happy medium between extreme chaos and lackadaisical (?), slow paced – like painfully slow paced lifestyle down here.  I’m working on it.

I cannot believe how much money I have already spent on flying back and forth to the state I was in such a hurry to leave!! I haven’t been back a week and I’m already looking into flights again for my sister’s wedding in October. And after that I get back to Florida, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew are coming down for Thanksgiving and then I go back for Christmas… It’s hard to miss somewhere that you never really leave!!

I’ve learned that leaving gets easier.  I know what to expect in Florida.  I know Connecticut is still there and will always be there.  I still dread the coming and going on both ends. There is definitely a period of adjustment but it’s getting easier. 

With all of that said, tonight all of my family went to the grand opening of The Cheesecake Factory in Danbury (I’m from Brookfield but when talking to people who don’t know CT you say Danbury – Brookfield is a mere speck on the map!) and I would have given anything to be there.  I’m not gonna lie – I miss the spontaneous family get togethers. I need people in Florida. 

Life, Love & Other Things.
I sat at the beach for roughly five hours today.  I read. I listened to music. I talked to random people I have never seen before and probably never will again.  I swam in the craziness that was the Gulf – it’s barely ever as rough as it was tonight! The Coast Guard said no swimming, but to us New England girls those waves were nothing! As I sat there I got the ever present feeling that settles on me while watching sunset – I am small, so small. The world is a huge, gorgeous place.  Each and every day that I get to be on this planet, every sunset I get to take in, every laugh and smile, each tear and heartache is a moment that not only will I not ever get again, but the world will also never have again.  I have changed this world immensely – just being little old me. 

My broken heart, you know, the one that shattered almost exactly one week ago to the minute… I’m gonna learn from it. I’m going to be better because of it.  I’ll appreciate the next person who loves me more in result of such treatment.  I’ve already realized that if he really did have feelings for me, and I’m sure he does have some kind of feelings for me, but if they were genuine feelings he wouldn’t have hurt me that way.  He knew he was hurting me.  There was no way not to know as I hid in the woods crying. If he was worth my time and tears he would not have made me cry or hurt.  I’m by no means over this.  It still hurts to think about. My heart literally aches thinking about the situation, about not being able to have him as mine ever again … but eventually I’ll get over it and him. I’ll be a better person when that time comes!

Someday I’ll look back on this broken heart, on this painful time and realize that it made me strive for someone to love me differently than he did. I’ll realize that if I continued longing for him I’d ultimately have been longing to settle.  I deserve better than someone who can’t speak his mind when it comes to speaking for his heart.  Someday I will dry the tears of my heart-broken daughter, think back on this time and relate… when you think the world is over, that there isn’t another person in the world who you’ll love quite like him, that you can’t wake up next to anyone else and don’t want to grow old with anyone but him… and I’ll tell her the lessons I learned.  That though heartaches ache so deep breathing seems to hurt, one day you’ll wake up and think yourself a fool for ever loving such a person, someone who could hurt you and make you cry. 

Yeah, I’m learning… But that’s life – an on going, never ending lesson in life, love and growing up… (Grown ups are fictitious beings if you ask me – we’re all working on growing up, but we never get there!! Grown ups reside between the tooth fairy and Santa Clause… just around the corner from Prince Charming and Cupid)

I need to be well rested for another day of learning & growing up tomorrow. 
Today, in it’s slow paced, lazy glory, was a day well spent. 
Good Night – from a better place mentally!!
(Pictures to be added tomorrow!)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

{I don’t know what I knew before}

I can’t get over this past weekend. I can’t return to life.  It has been almost four years since this wound was fresh, but right now you could fool me. I feel empty and lostMy shattered proverbial heart is loathing my actual beating heart.  Each beat is accompanied by a twinge of longing for what was, every breath is weighted down by the subtle ache when I realize I can’t have what I once had.

I know my aching heart is nothing in comparison to some of the struggles other people are having right now… but from my stand point in my little life, it’s tragic and earth shattering.  I know there is a reason for this.  Some plan in the grand scheme of things.  Some lesson that I will take away with me when my heart beats freely once again.  For now, though, I’m a shapeless pile of mush, spending free moments wondering if I did, in fact, take what I had for granted. I can’t help but wonder “what if” and I know I can drown in “what if” situations. Still I find myself lost in the “What-If” Jungle without meaning to.  “What if I never went to Florida for two months all those years ago?” or “What if I never moved out of Thomaston and continued living with my sister and her boyfriend?” or more recently “What if I didn’t let his rude, sarcastic, inappropriate words hurt so much?”.  The fact that his words hurt so much only proves what I have known and what I think he was trying to prove – that I do still have feelings for him.  But doesn’t his pushing me to see my reaction mean that he also still has feelings for me?  What does that mean when he’s engaged to someone else?

I can’t do this.  I can’t stop thinking about this weekend and how his words literally snapped my heart into a million tiny pieces and corralled me in the woods with a friend because I was too afraid to hear what else he had to say.  I can’t stop thinking about it – but I can’t write about it. Tears are threatening. My chest is tightening.  My heart is racing, yet slowing… like trying to push lead through my veins…  I just can’t.

I wish I could. I tried. But I can’t.
Someday I’ll recover from this… Probably the week before I head back to CT for my sister’s wedding and get re-exposed to all of this again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[i know more than i knew before]

I got back to Naples early Monday afternoon. I have not written, blogged or even thought about my visit to Connecticut… and I really don’t want to either. Honestly, this weekend taught me so much and has me questioning everything I ever thought I knew. I wish this past weekend didn’t happen – at least didn’t happen the way it did.

I spent a whole lot of money to sit in the woods crying with my friend Lisa. I took time off of work and flew the length of the country to be where my sister wanted to be when my sister wanted me to be there to have her tell me I’m creating the tension and making things awkward for everyone else. None of it was my fault (so says every accused party – but I did not create, ask for or egg on any of the aforementioned drama and tension!) In fact, I put forth so much effort to play nice – ass kissing even. Apparently that’s not enough and that makes things only worse. I suppose I should tell you that I was stone sober and in Connecticut for a camping bachelor/bachelorette party for my sister’s wedding. My ex is my sister’s finacee’s best man was also campingwith his now fiancee. The girl who is the reason that we’re no longer together.

This story is too long and involved, filled with a million ins and outs. I can’t possibly write it because it would be days long… and there would still be a million questions at the end of it. All I know is that everything I thought I could count on, I can’t. Everything that I thought was over, isn’t. Nothing is what I thought it to be.

This is not making sense. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll figure out how to verbalize the lessons I learned this weekend – what I took away from the weekend where salt was rubbed into my broken heart, my open wounds… I know I learned something (beyond that love hurts and will never fail to kick you when you’re down) that I could share here… It’s all just too fresh and too real still to take anything away from it besides a few shattered pieces of my heart and the ghosts of what once was to haunt me once again.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Road Again

I have been back in Florida for two weeks today… and again, my bags are packed and I’m ready to head up to Fort Meyer’s Airport first thing in the morning… quite literally! I have to be out of my apartment by 4:50 AM! That’s way before the sun is even thinking about waking up!

It’ll be worth it though! I’m flying 1,400 miles to have a dress fitted and to sleep on a blow up mattress in a tent surrounded by some of the greatest people in my lifeand my ex… and his fiancĂ©e… I have no hostility… well, maybe just a little.  Bring on the Jell-O shots and Captain and Cokes, maybe a margarita or two!

My apartment is literally a mess.  Remember how I said I wouldn’t complain about the mess if I could just move onto the next stage of my life? Well, as it turns out, Lyla isn’t mine, I’m still in this stage which means I can still complain about the mess!  There is about an inch of sand in my bathtub, almost as much on the bathroom floor, dishes in the dishwasher, towels that just made it into the dryer, my couch is still in bed form, my bed is unmade (the sheets are clean in a pile at the foot of my bed) and I am too tired (and too damned good at procrastinating) to do anything about all that now! All I keep thinking about is the conversation I had with Kelle Hampton and her friend, Heidi, at lunch on Monday.  They have this deal that if anything should happen to them, they will go to each other’s house and clean it so it looks like they were ‘a good mother/house wife’ (forget their exact wording but it was along those lines).  As I look around here, all I can think is, “Damn! I need someone like that!” I have quite a few friends that I would have this deal with in Brookfield, but none in Naples.  I need to get on that! Whomever gets stuck on cleaning my apartment if something should happen while I’m traveling is going to hate me and think I’m the dirtiest person on the face of the planet. OK, that’s just a smidge over the top, but I’ll be in the top 100 at least! 

My flight takes off in eight hours… well, under eight hours… Perhaps I should get some sleep. It’s just a thought though!

I’ll try and post from chilly New England – but no guarantees! I’ve heard blogging from a tent is pretty tough considering there’s no electricity and my laptop battery can only last for so long! Plus, I’m planning on spending a good majority of this trip being what my friends and I call toasty! 
In fact, we have pretty big plans for this weekend – we want to be ‘’those people” at the site! “Those people” without blow up flamingos – cause that would make it too easy!
redefining classy
redefining classy too
Yeap – I’m gonna be toasty all weekend redefining classy! I’m gonna be wishing that I could remember this weekend for years – but I’m thinking it’s all gonna be a drunken blur!
Toasty posts may be funny, but they tend to be slightly embarrassing and make no sense to 99% of the readers (I am not the 1% that gets it – I don’t know who that is!)… but I’ll try!

Night, Blogosphere!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something’s Gotta Give

Right now I am lying in bed and it’s only 10:41 pm.  That’s near unheard of in the life of me! I normally sit out on the couch or the beanbag chair (which is my anti-productivity!) watching TV, reading or writing.  But tonight I have company.  Lyla is out cold on my couch (it folds out into a  bed – don’t judge!) after a long day of partying like a rock star!

I took Lyla to open gym at World Gymnastics in Naples today where she ran non-stop, like her life depended on it. We stopped at Publix on the way home (again, when kids are around food is a necessity where I would have been just fine with stale cereal and rationed milk until I came back from Connecticut on Monday) where I saved extreme amounts of money buying food that will last until I get back to Florida which means approximately two weeks until I have to go shopping again! Yay!  And, even more exciting than that, I made it out of the Publix parking lot without a frog in my car. No offense Houdini, but I prefer you by ponds, in trees, hell, even hanging on the wall outside of my apartment door! A car is no place for a frog! Especially not a deceased frog in mid-August in Naples!  In the two minutes it takes to get from Publix to my apartment Lyla fell asleep (of course).  I somehow managed to get the groceries, the diaper bag and the sleeping giant (affectionately called that of course – she’s 2 1/2 and the size of a 4 year old!) into the apartment in one trip.  I was made for this! I cooked dinner while Lyla napped on the couch.

And part of me ached for what is to come (I think it was my uterus!). I wanted it to be my little girl sleeping peacefully worn out from our adventurous day as I cooked dinner for my family.  A part of me wished that the man of my dreams, or my husband Winking smile, was anxiously counting down the minutes until he could leave work and come home to his family.  I so want to be onto the next stage of my life already.  I don’t want to live vicariously – using another woman’s baby with a fictional husband.  

If I could move onto the next stage of my life, ya know, husband, house, baby… babies, I would do all the tasks that may seem undesirable like laundry, dishes, scrubbing floors, driving a minivan (that last one is a real stretch – I’m pretty anti-minivan!) if it meant that I could have that reality.  I would never complain. I’d be grateful for all that I have even if it meant scraping dried food off of plates until the skin on my hand wrinkled and pruned so it was comparable to a well-lived 90-something-year-old.

I would love to have to tackle this mess after a long day:
(I do think Wiggins Beach is going to call us and ask us to bring their sand back!)
if it meant that I got to have these memories with my baby
Another gorgeous, awe-inspiring Naples sunset
(it was definitely a sunset that made you realize just how small you really are
or, I suppose, just how big the world really is)

Don’t judge!! Did you see how she was rolling around in the sand?? I took her bathing suit off to put her dress back on and the amount of sand on the beach doubled! There was no getting her home with all that sand on her! Back in she went!

Cool story - Lyla and I saved a turtle tonight.
There’s no way Stanley got up on the boardwalk by himself! There are stairs on both sides! Which makes me think some very rude and messed up person placed him there!! I debated what to do while Stanley paced the length of the boardwalk.  I ended up going back to the gate and telling the guy up there about it and he sent some one out to move Stanley.  I would have done it myself but I didn’t know where to put him, was afraid of hurting him and, honestly, of just himHe’s cool to look at, cool to watch a sunset with but I don’t want to be holding him.  But, yeap, these girls saved a turtle tonight!! I’d love to get my hands on the person that put him up there!!

Yeah, I wish it was my little girl that I saved a turtle with, my little girl I watched exfoliate on the Gulf Shore, that I sent skinny dipping in the Gulf.  I’m tired of the in between, the waiting game.  I’m ready for something to happen!! 

Anyone know any cute, kinda young, single guys in Southern Florida??
Cause I’m so over this being alone thing!!


The first time doing anything is scary – well, for me anyway.  Starting a new job, moving to a new state, meeting someone for the first time… it all makes the butterflies in my stomach do flips as my heart tries to lurch out of my body via my throat. 

It’s a good thing this isn’t my first blog post, my first blog or anything close to my first anything! I have had  another blog for about a year and a half (check it out here) but I’m getting bored with that one.  Not to mention Blogger messed up my header and I can’t stand the look of it!  Falling Apart Nicely got me through a lot – it got me to here, where I could have sworn I wanted to be.  It was a lot of whining and complaining about the monotony of life in Connecticut.  I have higher hopes for SA&PT! I want this to be my coming of age, although Wikipedia has coming of age defined as this and I feel like I’ve been there and done all that! I mostly want this to be about finding myself, figuring out what the hell I want to do with my time left wandering this earth, finally getting around to decorating my sparsely decorated and barely lived in apartment, perhaps working on myself physically and working on my wardrobe (I’ll need help with this! I have the fashion sense of a two-year old!) in the meantime.  Maybe, while I’m at it, I can find a little self-confidence and a little self esteem.  Believing in yourself is more than half the battle.  The problem is, well, I have a hard time believing in myself which, in turn, means I’m lacking in the self confidence and self esteem area of my life…

So, if you’ve found this blog, join me in the quest to improve me, to perhaps be a little more selfish (in the good ways) as I become a better and happier human (that should be easy to do with Chelsea Handler as my current role model – Ha! Seriously love Chelsea Lately).

A Little History.
I am a new 27, the youngest of three girls in my family and learned a lot about what I know of life from the backseat, because of my sister’s mistakes and missteps.  They despise when I say this (it’s kind of my line) claiming they made no mistakes.  Dating a guy that hands you a business card for his drug dealing business with his real name followed by “AKA Tylenol” qualifies as a mistake to me! Calling him would have been a mistake! Uh! Hello?!? He has a business card for an illegal business! The cops are gonna be all over that shit! I know that being friends with all guys means you like the attention from them and feel insecure.  Yet, with all these lessons I learned from their missteps, they’re both married (or well on their way) and I am forever single (something else to work on!) So yes, I learned a lot second hand. That may have left me a little sheltered but also slightly less damaged.

My childhood was far from normal.  I have lived in over 30 places in my 27 years.  I have given up trying to count and figure out the order in which we lived in what houses.  It’s hopeless.  My parents fought…and I don’t mean yelling!  I witnessed things that no child should ever see.  What I saw growing up damaged me in ways I couldn’t have prevented.  Perhaps this is why I consider myself forever single?

I recently left Brookfield, CT (the only town I ever considered home) to allow myself the freedom to find myself. I moved to sunny Naples, Florida.  I know, I know. Old people and cancer – YAY!  But really, life is pretty great – most of the time.  I haven’t quite found my niche down here yet.  Life gets pretty quiet and I sometimes (only sometimes) miss the drama and chaos of life up North. I am a nanny for a two and a half year old girl and one of the coolest families in the continental US.  I spend a lot of time at the beach working on my tan (almost guaranteeing wrinkles and melanoma later in life – it will all be worth it!) and reading books. 

I am the furthest thing from a girlie-girl, but I’m not a tomboy.  I’m not a fan of dresses but clean up pretty well.  I have a new found obsession with Essie Nail Polish (my favorite being Topless & Barefoot).  I don’t believe in love at first sight, but lust at first sight is worth pursuing, it may just lead to something great. You’d think I’d be singing a different tune after the heartbreaks I’ve suffered after such pursuits. 

I like to drink – I’m not picky. Red wine, tequila, rum, beer, shots, mixed drinks, on the rocks… it’s all game.  I don’t drink too often (anymore) but when I do I’m out to have a good time.  I’ve been known to end up on tables, dancing in sprinklers (along main roads in 50 degree weather) and if it weren’t for the pictures I wouldn’t believe these stories. Did I forget to mention that I am absolutely ADDICTED to taking pictures?  Yes? Well, let me tell you, I’m absolutely ADDICTED to taking pictures! My friends (back in CT cause I have no friends in FL) always hate that I’m constantly taking pictures but it never fails, a few months later they come to me begging for them!  They’re grateful – it just takes them awhile to realize it. 

In my spare time I like to read, write, sleep, take pictures, hang out with friends.  I’m a kick-a$$ poker player *that just might be a little over the top but I hold my own with all the boys!*. I’m always up for a little Texas Hold ‘Em. I want a dog in the worst way – but I’m brk. What’s that you ask? That’s ‘broke’ without the vowels… I don’t have enough money to buy them! HA! I barely have enough money for me, my apartment and my car right now.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to take on a second (and perhaps a third) job to make ends meet and save something for emergencies. I’m often accused of laughing too loud and talking too much.  If you have a problem with any of this… you’re a terrible human!

I feel that I’m already off to a better start with this blog than the last one (and the one before that… and the one before that!).  I’m hoping I can keep this one light and airy, fun, sarcastic and entertaining.  God knows there’s enough crap happening in my life to keep you laughing!

I’d LOVE to hear from you! Suggestions, questions, comments, even criticism, bring it!!

That’s all for now =)

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