Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cute to Funny

Again - this is going to be short. I have a headache. I'm forever battling insomnia and I have to be at work at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
This weekend was my weekend with Lyla. She sleeps at my apartment and I always try and make it special for her somehow. This time, though, we just laid low. We spent a little while at the park before heading home, throwing some cookies in the oven and lying on the couch watching Tangled until we both fell asleep.
But she and I had a pretty cute conversation in the Publix parking lot.
Me: Mommy went on a plane. She'll be back on Monday. (Lyla's older brother is starting college in CT this week and Danielle went North to help him move in)
Lyla: Up in the sky and far, far away?
Me: Yeap.
Lyla: But I need her.
Me: Tyler needs her too though.
Lyla: (after a long pause) Ok, but just for a couple minutes.
Pretty friggan cute ... and I swear you could see the wheels turning in her head figuring all of this out.
So then as I'm lying on the couch just about to pass out, Lyla already sleeping, Danielle texted me. Just typical "how's my monster?" and "give her a kiss for me".
I told her about Lyla's and my conversation and Danielle responded with :"Oh, that is really cute. Maybe she does like me!" (Lyla is a big Daddy's girl. There's no doubt that she likes her mom, just right now she and pretty much the entire two and a half years of her life so far she's an extreme Daddy's girl)
Then I responded with: "This next line is completely sarcastic - take no offense - I like my mother 1,400 miles away too!"

And then my employer, ya know the mother of the kid I care for daily, called me a b*+ch... Is that okay? LOL Of course she was being sarcastic. Hysterical, priceless and cute - Hell of a story, no?
Hopefully I'll find some energy for a real post tomorrow - no guarantees!

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