Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Road Again

I have been back in Florida for two weeks today… and again, my bags are packed and I’m ready to head up to Fort Meyer’s Airport first thing in the morning… quite literally! I have to be out of my apartment by 4:50 AM! That’s way before the sun is even thinking about waking up!

It’ll be worth it though! I’m flying 1,400 miles to have a dress fitted and to sleep on a blow up mattress in a tent surrounded by some of the greatest people in my lifeand my ex… and his fiancée… I have no hostility… well, maybe just a little.  Bring on the Jell-O shots and Captain and Cokes, maybe a margarita or two!

My apartment is literally a mess.  Remember how I said I wouldn’t complain about the mess if I could just move onto the next stage of my life? Well, as it turns out, Lyla isn’t mine, I’m still in this stage which means I can still complain about the mess!  There is about an inch of sand in my bathtub, almost as much on the bathroom floor, dishes in the dishwasher, towels that just made it into the dryer, my couch is still in bed form, my bed is unmade (the sheets are clean in a pile at the foot of my bed) and I am too tired (and too damned good at procrastinating) to do anything about all that now! All I keep thinking about is the conversation I had with Kelle Hampton and her friend, Heidi, at lunch on Monday.  They have this deal that if anything should happen to them, they will go to each other’s house and clean it so it looks like they were ‘a good mother/house wife’ (forget their exact wording but it was along those lines).  As I look around here, all I can think is, “Damn! I need someone like that!” I have quite a few friends that I would have this deal with in Brookfield, but none in Naples.  I need to get on that! Whomever gets stuck on cleaning my apartment if something should happen while I’m traveling is going to hate me and think I’m the dirtiest person on the face of the planet. OK, that’s just a smidge over the top, but I’ll be in the top 100 at least! 

My flight takes off in eight hours… well, under eight hours… Perhaps I should get some sleep. It’s just a thought though!

I’ll try and post from chilly New England – but no guarantees! I’ve heard blogging from a tent is pretty tough considering there’s no electricity and my laptop battery can only last for so long! Plus, I’m planning on spending a good majority of this trip being what my friends and I call toasty! 
In fact, we have pretty big plans for this weekend – we want to be ‘’those people” at the site! “Those people” without blow up flamingos – cause that would make it too easy!
redefining classy
redefining classy too
Yeap – I’m gonna be toasty all weekend redefining classy! I’m gonna be wishing that I could remember this weekend for years – but I’m thinking it’s all gonna be a drunken blur!
Toasty posts may be funny, but they tend to be slightly embarrassing and make no sense to 99% of the readers (I am not the 1% that gets it – I don’t know who that is!)… but I’ll try!

Night, Blogosphere!

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