Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something’s Gotta Give

Right now I am lying in bed and it’s only 10:41 pm.  That’s near unheard of in the life of me! I normally sit out on the couch or the beanbag chair (which is my anti-productivity!) watching TV, reading or writing.  But tonight I have company.  Lyla is out cold on my couch (it folds out into a  bed – don’t judge!) after a long day of partying like a rock star!

I took Lyla to open gym at World Gymnastics in Naples today where she ran non-stop, like her life depended on it. We stopped at Publix on the way home (again, when kids are around food is a necessity where I would have been just fine with stale cereal and rationed milk until I came back from Connecticut on Monday) where I saved extreme amounts of money buying food that will last until I get back to Florida which means approximately two weeks until I have to go shopping again! Yay!  And, even more exciting than that, I made it out of the Publix parking lot without a frog in my car. No offense Houdini, but I prefer you by ponds, in trees, hell, even hanging on the wall outside of my apartment door! A car is no place for a frog! Especially not a deceased frog in mid-August in Naples!  In the two minutes it takes to get from Publix to my apartment Lyla fell asleep (of course).  I somehow managed to get the groceries, the diaper bag and the sleeping giant (affectionately called that of course – she’s 2 1/2 and the size of a 4 year old!) into the apartment in one trip.  I was made for this! I cooked dinner while Lyla napped on the couch.

And part of me ached for what is to come (I think it was my uterus!). I wanted it to be my little girl sleeping peacefully worn out from our adventurous day as I cooked dinner for my family.  A part of me wished that the man of my dreams, or my husband Winking smile, was anxiously counting down the minutes until he could leave work and come home to his family.  I so want to be onto the next stage of my life already.  I don’t want to live vicariously – using another woman’s baby with a fictional husband.  

If I could move onto the next stage of my life, ya know, husband, house, baby… babies, I would do all the tasks that may seem undesirable like laundry, dishes, scrubbing floors, driving a minivan (that last one is a real stretch – I’m pretty anti-minivan!) if it meant that I could have that reality.  I would never complain. I’d be grateful for all that I have even if it meant scraping dried food off of plates until the skin on my hand wrinkled and pruned so it was comparable to a well-lived 90-something-year-old.

I would love to have to tackle this mess after a long day:
(I do think Wiggins Beach is going to call us and ask us to bring their sand back!)
if it meant that I got to have these memories with my baby
Another gorgeous, awe-inspiring Naples sunset
(it was definitely a sunset that made you realize just how small you really are
or, I suppose, just how big the world really is)

Don’t judge!! Did you see how she was rolling around in the sand?? I took her bathing suit off to put her dress back on and the amount of sand on the beach doubled! There was no getting her home with all that sand on her! Back in she went!

Cool story - Lyla and I saved a turtle tonight.
There’s no way Stanley got up on the boardwalk by himself! There are stairs on both sides! Which makes me think some very rude and messed up person placed him there!! I debated what to do while Stanley paced the length of the boardwalk.  I ended up going back to the gate and telling the guy up there about it and he sent some one out to move Stanley.  I would have done it myself but I didn’t know where to put him, was afraid of hurting him and, honestly, of just himHe’s cool to look at, cool to watch a sunset with but I don’t want to be holding him.  But, yeap, these girls saved a turtle tonight!! I’d love to get my hands on the person that put him up there!!

Yeah, I wish it was my little girl that I saved a turtle with, my little girl I watched exfoliate on the Gulf Shore, that I sent skinny dipping in the Gulf.  I’m tired of the in between, the waiting game.  I’m ready for something to happen!! 

Anyone know any cute, kinda young, single guys in Southern Florida??
Cause I’m so over this being alone thing!!

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