Friday, September 23, 2011

And Again

I’m failing miserably at blogging recently.  I’m failing at taking pictures, at getting things crossed off my to-do list, of keeping my apartment clean, of doing laundry start to finish in the same day (who am I kidding? That never happens!).  I know procrastination is the name of my game. It always has been and it quite possibly always will be, but it’s been pretty severe recently.

I started a 10 day challenge weeks ago and only did day one/day ten technically.  Here’s day 9.
Ten Secrets. Nine Loves. Eight Fears. Seven Wants. Six Places. Five Foods. Four Books. Three Films. Two Songs. One Photo of Yourself.

In no specific order"

9- I love writing. I lose all sense of reality and sense of myself and “live” experiences I may never have had otherwise.

8- I love reading for the same reason.

7- My favorite series of books is the “In Death” series by Nora Roberts as JD Robb.  No really, you need to read them!

6- Ice cream... pretty much any flavor, any meal of the day any time of the year.

5- Babies – lots and lots of babies! I can’t wait to have kids of my own.DSC_0217Picture 529

4- Hanging out with friends, doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing as long as I’m with my friends it’s sure to be an amazing time.

3- I love my family – really I do!  Living 1,400 miles away only makes me love them more. 33 on the beachall of usfam2never a bad daypromseriouslywedding girlsHPIM1758

2- I LOVE MY NEPHEW!!! He’s the best thing that has happened to our family since.. well, ever!! das babylukers2mema lovinheartbreakersighDSC_0334DSC_8011DSC_8014

1- I love the beach, gulf coast sunsets, pools in every back yard, 3 hours to Disney World. I think that translates to I love Florida- more specifically Naples!

I have yet another flight booked back to CT.  That makes 4 times since May.  Semi crazy, no?
This time is lining up to be just as busy as the first three.
It all starts with a drive across the Alley to Ft. Lauderdale Airport at 4pm for a flight that leaves at 8 landing in Westchester Airport by 11:30.  My sister will pick me up, I’ll spend the night at her house, hang out for awhile there before heading to Brookfield where I need to bake two apple pies and two loves of pumpkin bread and cook some sort of main dish with my mother while watching my nephew.  Then we need to head to Thomaston to help my sister set up for the rehearsal dinner at her house before I need to drive back to Brookfield to pick my father up to then meet everyone at the church before heading back to Thomaston for dinner.  After that I am going to hang out with TJ and Mich (if all goes according to plan). And that’s just day one. Day two includes a surprise bachelorette party for my sister at Cadillac Ranch – line dancing yay!! (no sarcasm! I’m so incredibly serious! I haven’t been there in years and cannot wait!) I’ll be working at the daycare of course while I’m up there preparing for the insanity that is Country Kids Halloween.  I need to make an appearance at Widows, meet up with the Wallingford crew, I have drinks with another ‘friend’ (yes there’s quotes – they’re good quotes! I like those quotes!) all before a wedding on Friday, city *being New York City of course – that’s the only ‘city’ up north unlike Naples being considered a city in Florida!* Saturday and a baby shower Sunday to hop back on a plane Monday. Another jam packed, fun filled weekend in the north east! Oh and I forgot – apple picking at Blue Jay Orchards (real apple cider – they don’t know how to make it down here! I’m so psyched that I get to be in CT for fall! I’m missing the change of seasons a little. I’m so confused thinking that it’s still July with our 90 something degree temperatures!

Fun times ahead! Now I just need to stop procrastinating – get shoes and a flight back to Florida, pay off my dress and save up money for hair, nails, makeup and all that good stuff! Insanity ensues indeed!! =)

I’m looking forward to it!! (And looking forward to hitting the beach in late October to unwind after all that!)

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