Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As it Turns Out

Remember here (about the 5th paragraph down) I mentioned I was sick – not the achoo kind but the “if-I-didn’t-know-better-I’d-think-I-was-pregnant” sick.  Well, apparently, as it turns out when you’re starving but there mere thought of consuming food makes you nauseous there’s a pretty good chance you have a stomach ulcer. 

And I really do think being run over by a monster truck parade would in fact be an improvement…

What causes them?  An unbalanced pH in your stomach – by foods you eat or more what I’m thinking caused mine is worry.  I never was much of a worrier but this is changing in my old age and my living 1,400 miles away from everyone I know and love.  Plus I’m not stop worrying about dresses, brown shoes, hair, plane tickets… there’s a lot of worrying going on right now.  It’s making it’s presence known and honestly, it’s already overstayed its welcome.  I can’t eat anything besides yogurt and green veggies. Everything else seems like it’s out to destroy me from the inside out. 

I just want to be better now…

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