Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am thoroughly convinced that I did something personally to piss Blogger and/Windows Live Writer (what I use to write my posts – SO much better than just Blogger – look into it – it’s amazing – drag and drop, crop, edit and resize photos easily, change fonts, easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Check it out here)  But right – did something that pissed off Blogger and/or Live Writer and in one weekend I have lost a post, posted a post that did not post and .. well, that’s it, but isn’t that enough?!?! I posted this last night

I’m not saying this because I feel contractually obligated (there’s no contract!!) but MyMemories is AMAZING!! I am in love with this program! Here is a preview of what I’m working on!


Obviously this is only two pages of a book that is going to be pretty long and involved. For years I have been collecting family recipes, recipes off the back of graham cracker boxes and the latest, recipes from Pinterest (only the most amazing website in the world)!  I have a folder full of scraps of paper with scribbles of ‘pinch of and dash of’ recipes from family and the backs of cardboard boxes. It’s about time I did something with them! So now I’m combining - organizing according to season, putting it creatively – nicely – in a book that I will print out for the family and share as Christmas gifts! Very nice right?! AND it’s only September and I have put active effort into my Christmas gifts! This program works miracles!!

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