Friday, October 7, 2011

So What?!?!

so what if I’ve been on a crash diet of yogurt, chicken broth, brown rice, fruits and veggies for the past three days and today caved because I went past a Dunkin Donuts and saw the “Pumpkin is back” sign. 

so what if three days of hard work was wasted when I pulled through the drive-thru and ordered a pumpkin donut and an unsweetened iced tea and killed the donut before I even turned onto Logan (approximately 3 minutes driving time)…

let me tell you when you’re normally a carb freak and you go protein-less (ultimately) and brown rice rather than whole wheat or veggie pasta you can lose yourself in the cravings!!

So what?!?! It was DELICIOUS!!! So delicious in fact, this girl may head there tomorrow too… cheating 24 hours then it’s back to the grind…

after all I’m trying to maintain at this point, not lose as my dress has already been altered! So 3 days of good eating + 1 extremely delicious pumpkin donut = A-OK in my book =)

Seriously though, so what?!
Happy Fall!

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